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By | September 25, 2022

As mobile payments become more popular, it’s important for businesses to understand the different types of mobile payments and how they work.The increasing popularity of mobile devices and apps has led to a boom in mobile payments.easy access to payment options for goods and services they purchase on their phones.How to implement, what are the options, and what to consider during development

Just two or three years ago, users preferred to select and pay for online purchases from their desktop, but statistics from 2018 show that mobile payments are almost on par with the more familiar PC payments, and this trend in payment software solutions is predicted to continue to grow. This means that mobile payments will soon become an industry standard.

There are several variants of their realization: to connect aggregator’s or gateway’s services and be satisfied with an adaptive version or create your own application with a smart payment mechanism (it can be fast and with limitations, it can be longer, more expensive, and more functional). Below, we’ll talk in more detail about the ways to implement payments on mobile devices and inside applications, as well as about what you should consider when developing payments from mobile devices.

Mobile software payment software is becoming more and more popular by the day. If the payment form is not adapted for mobile devices, the payment will not be made, which means that the visitor of the app will not turn into a customer. Creating a payment system is an important step, to increasing the efficiency of sales and allowing the customer to use an online service with the help of any device. Development of a payment system: A mobile app is more convenient in that it gives you the ability to get personal information from users. A customer’s card can customer card can be linked to the backend with one click debit regular payments.

A good payment software system is this:

The interface is as simple and understandable as a possible user interface;

Connection security, connection security, data security;

Minimal details so as not to overload the system;

Consistent with the entire;

Appropriate design;

An organic part of the mobile app;

Fast page response and loading times;

A separate tab for payments;

All the information you need (e.g., the stage of processing payment processing stage).

It is possible to make payments regularly (by specifying the amount and frequency of transfers) or irregularly (upon the fact). Development software for payments from mobile applications is what a professional Binariks team does.


Binariks is a unique, state-of-the-art, license-free software, which can include one or all 6 modules. Allows you to easily manage your business, connect Smart contracts for crypto payments, and even make payments where there’s no internet.

Binariks offers online merchants an easy-to-setup and reliable mobile payment solution. Offer your customers a modern and convenient way to pay!

Suitable for all mobile devices

Fits the screen size of every mobile device. A convenient way to shop anywhere. Quick and easy process without having to enter card details every time.

International payments and various cards

Your customers around the world will be able to pay with all major credit and debit cards in any currency.

Payments in just one click

Allow your customers to make one-click purchases and they will be grateful for the time they save. This method allows the customer to pay quickly without having to enter their card details over and over again.

Ways to accept mobile payments

Binariks payment system works both in your mobile app and in the mobile version of your online store. Choose the best solution for your needs, or implement both!

In your app

If you have your own mobile app for Android or iOS, you can easily integrate it with Binariks universal payment solution. Your users will be able to pay you with the most popular credit and debit cards. Give your customer the ability to pay quickly in your app.

In your online store

You can accept mobile payments through our optimized payment form. When your customers decide to pay with a credit or debit card, they will be redirected to our payment page. The Binariks payment form is perfect for your customer’s smartphone or tablet.


Different types of apps and online stores can take orders on mobile devices. The possibilities are endless. Binariks provides a mobile payment service for a variety of activities, including the following:

Mobile payments for the gaming industry

Accept fast payments in your mobile game or gaming app and offer your customers around the world a seamless shopping experience.

Payments for transportation services

Give your passengers the ability to pay for your services on their mobile devices. Make payment more convenient for your customers and for yourself.

Mobile payments for SaaS

If your platform or software is available for mobile devices, your customers can start paying you with their credit or debit cards.

Mobile payments for products and apparel

Just imagine how easy it would be for customers to pay for your products and services even when they’re not at home. By saving your customers time, you increase your revenue.

Mobile integration

We can help you integrate your Android or iOS app with Binariks seamlessly. All modules and documentation are freely available on our website. If you have any integration issues or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mobile payment optionsAdaptive Website + Payment Aggregator

Nothing fancy – sign a contract with a popular aggregator, install a payment form on the site. There you have it – purchases from any device work the same way as on the desktop: the user selects one of the payment methods, enters the required data, presses the button, the money is deducted, and he receives an electronic receipt.

Adaptive site + payment gateway

The working principle is the same as for the aggregator: connect the service, integrate the form on the site (usually by API), and users send you money – from any device.

The difference between the gateway and the aggregator is that the aggregator accumulates the client’s money (has the status of an NGO), while the payment gateway is only an intermediary between the bank and the online store. This means that the gateway’s commission is lower since it only charges for its services. However, the online store has to negotiate the terms with the acquiring bank itself.

The advantage of the gateway, besides more favorable rates, is that it does not freeze the money on the account (aggregators typically transfer them only after 1-3 days). The disadvantage is that you will not be able to connect such payment solutions quickly.

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