How to Choose the Right Tier Pressure Monitoring System

By | September 13, 2022

Driving your trailer or heavy vehicle can get quite dangerous if you dont have a solid tire pressure monitoring system in place. You might get problems in your tires without realizing it. Thus, its important for you to install the best tire pressure monitoring system in your trailer or heavy vehicle to make it easier for you to monitor your tire condition at all times. GUTA Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a highly recommended tire pressure monitoring system you can use for your trailer or heavy vehicle today.



  1. Advanced monitoring system to monitor each aspect of your tire, such as pressure, temperature, leak, and more.
  2. It has an alert system that will notify you of immediate problems in your tires.
  3. It has a low battery drain, meaning that you can use this tire pressure monitoring system for a long period with a single charge.

Sensor Programs with Easy Setup

The GUTA Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System has the sensor programs you can set up using a wireless method, unlike any other similar products. It also comes with the anti-theft sensors that you can activate before setting up the whole tire pressure sensor. Theres also a signal booster feature you can use by adding a repeater throughout the trailer, which will be helpful to keep the sensors working in the best way with no electromagnetic interference.

High Fuel Economy with Real-Time Monitoring System

The GUTA monitoring system comes with a big screen that allows you to monitor the tire pressure for up to 46 tires in your trailer with ease. You can see all the tire pressure information on your screen, so you always get an idea of how well your tires are working. The tire pressure monitoring system goes in real time, allowing you to check the condition of all your heavy vehicles tires at all times to ensure high fuel economy for your vehicle. It can monitor the tire pressure of up to 188 psi, with the tire temperature of up to 185-degree Fahrenheit.


Advanced Feature-Rich Alert System

The alert system provided by GUTA Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System allows you to get notified of various changes that your tires are going through. The advanced alert system will give you notifications about changes in tire pressure, tire temperature, missing sensor signals, fast leak, low sensor battery, and many others. You can set the safety parameter for your tires, and when there are some changes that deviate from the safety parameters, you will get immediate alert notifications about it.

Save More Energy with GUTA Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System

With this tire pressure monitoring system, you can use it for up to 14 days with a single charge, and the charging time only requires 4 hours to complete. Thus, you can save more energy when using this monitoring system. Also, it has a low energy mode to preserve the systems battery when it is not in use, and you can replace the sensor battery every 4 years.



GUTA Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System is the tire pressure monitoring system that can keep you in check with your tire condition at all times. Its the best way for you to ensure that your tires meet the safety parameters when you drive your heavy vehicle.

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