How SEAPRWire Team Divide the Types of News releases

By | February 8, 2022

Hong Kong – Editors at SEAPRWire team deal with different types of press releases on a daily basis. SEAPRWire team are used to classifying it into different types. Each type serves a different purpose and marketing strategy. The type of news release users want to use depends on what users’ company wishes to communicate within the press statement.

They have broken down the main types of news releases below to help users identify which type of news release best serves users’ story:

1, New Hire Release

While some companies announce new hires at all business levels, most companies reserve this type of news release for leadership changes. For instance, if a company hires a new CFO, they’ll want to announce this information to employees, customers, and investors.

Tips for a New Hire News release

State the new hire’s name and position concisely. Also, provide adequate background information, emphasizing any awards and contributions they’ve made to the industry. Include a quote from a member of the current executive team expressing the company’s excitement over the new hire.

2, Awards Release

Most industries are full of companies competing with each other for their customers’ attention. What better way to make users’ company stand out than by publicizing recent awards and accomplishments?

In fact, an award news release can be a vital marketing PR tool.

Tips for an Awards Release

Remain as objective as possible. Even though awards releases can be celebratory, keep a professional tone and stay away from impassioned language or punctuation. Include a quote from the CEO or project leader, this helps humanize the award. Be sure to state how the award sets users apart from users’ competition without overtly bragging.

3, Event Release

If users’ company wants to announce an event they’re involved with, you’ll want to send an event news release. In short, an event news release functions to let media members know the details of the event to attract journalists and media coverage. For example, suppose users’ company’s hosting a charity football event. Users’ news release must include the who, what, where, when, and whys of the football game. In many ways, the event news release is similar to an invite.

Tips for an Event Release

Decide on the best time to send a news release for the event. Send the event release well before the event’s date to give attendees enough time to RSVP. Include details pertaining to how media members and the general public can purchase tickets to users’ football event. Make any contact information stand out, so media members can reach out with any questions before the big day.

4, Rebranding Release

If users’ company is undergoing structural changes, like an acquisition, merger, or brand change, a rebranding release is used to notify stakeholders of the change. This type of news release consolidates the entirety of users’ company’s rebranding’s details into one easily distributable document.

Tips for a Rebranding Release

Specify what customers and investors can expect from the change. Include any important information regarding pricing, corporate structure, and new features or products.

State why the change is necessary and put a positive spin on it. Users want to build an investor’s excitement, not worry them to the point they sell their stock. Be detailed yet succinct.

5, Feature/Product Release

Using a news release to launch a new product or inform customers of a new feature can excite readers, encouraging more sales and investors. However there’s one thing to keep in mind when strategizing a product news release: Whether you’re promoting a new electric car or championing a top-of-the-line air fryer, don’t give away too much information. Users want to provide just enough details so that journalists, potential investors, and customers are inspired to try it out for themselves.

Tips for a Feature/Product Release

Focus on more than the new product’s details. Treat this type of release as its own marketing tool—clearly state why people should buy this product. Ride the product’s hype by timing the release perfectly. If users don’t plan on offering journalists an exclusive trial period, it’s best to send the news release a few days before the product’s launch.

6, Partnership Release

Like a rebranding release, a partnership announcement news release builds excitement for a change – in this case, a partnership with a new brand or company. However, unlike a rebranding release, you’ll have to appeal to both partnering companies’ bases.

Tips for a Partnership Release

Create a news release with the partnering company to clearly stating how users’ values align. Convey why this partnership was entered into and what changes both companies’ customers and stakeholders can expect. Include quotes from executives in both companies to allay any concerns stakeholders may have.

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