Do We Need to Change NovationWire’s Expectations for Issuing News Releases?

By | December 24, 2021

HONG KONG – Ultimately when Users purchase advertising or send a press release, Users want people to view customers’ ad or news release. To put valuations into perspective, we will use the example of ad words. When someone uses ad words, they pay for the number of times that an ad is clicked on. The amount of information Users placed within an ad was extremely restrictive up until reigns were loosened not too long ago. For example, Users are now allowed two headlines of 30 characters each and a description line of 80 characters. According to Practical Ecommerce, this is a recent increase) we must remind you, this is characters and not words. With an average word length of 5 characters (according to Quora, this means Users would have 16 words for a complete description of customers’ ad.

In the world of AdWords, the cost per click can vary quite significantly. Variations can range from $2 – $50 per click of customers’ ad. An article over at mentions that new businesses are dropping $5 or more per click, with some up to $60 per click. That can add up fast. Where the concern lies is that because Users have only been provided with average 16 words in customers’ description, that when someone does click on customers’ ad, they may discover that what Users offer isn’t what they are after.

Now is where the valuation of the press release can shine. Providing that Users have a strong headline and a press release packed with great information, Users can certainly draw some cost-effective numbers.

Marketing over the past few years has changed. So have marketing strategies. Much more emphasis becomes placed on content marketing, which it should be.

One tool that has remained constant over the years is the use of press release distribution services. Companies like NovationWire, PR Newswire, Business Wire, etc. have a long established history of getting customers’ news to the media. Although remaining constant, variations of how customers’ press release gets delivered to the media have changed due to technology.

With changes in how News Releases reach the media, more media outlets popping up to distribute News Releases and the ease of submitting a press release has brought on much higher numbers of releases reaching the media. What does this mean? It means media have to spend more time sifting through information that will help them with a story they are looking to cover. It also means media have to be more selective. In turn, this means that the story that Users write needs to be top-notch quality and stand out from customers’ competition and not add to the ‘news noise void.’

The value of the press release is still value, meaning that eyeballs are still viewing and reading them. Don’t forget that although some journalists may no longer be around, there has been an increase in bloggers that are looking for information and news to write. Any time that someone looks at customers’ news and repurposes it for their own original story is good. This process also allows for customers’ company to receive further online visibility through the re-publication in part or in full of customers’ story; this translates to better search results and visibility in search engines.

In marketing, one of the biggest components is ROI. Occasionally we have had individuals ask us what the valuation of their press release is. There are some ways of calculating this; however, it can be a very time consuming manual process. The first step would be to find out where customers’ press release is published. Once Users know where customers’ press release is published, Users need to find the traffic to that particular source and how many views customers’ press release received. Knowing the traffic rank of the site that customers’ press release is published can assist in finding the valuation of that publication.


NovationWire is a marketing firm that offers customized online press release distribution solutions. These online PR distribution solutions are for PR firms, agencies, organizations & Corporates. It includes e-mail delivery directly to Editors who are targeted to media editors at newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets like TV and news/talk radio stations. They also cooperate with significant wire services like ACN Newswire, JCN Newswire, Dow Jones Factiva, Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg Terminal, Yahoo news etc. NovationWire also provides a package to target different regions of the world and too different languages. These regions include Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Russia, the United States, EU, UK, CA, AU, DE & many other countries. The Press releases could also be translated to English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Portuguese & Spanish.


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