Evaluation of the potential of GES Token – A new DeFi could make a splash

By | August 25, 2020

With the explosion of the DeFi trend on today’s crypto exchanges, it is difficult to gauge the sustainability of a new token to invest in efficiency. Simply put, for every DeFi token listed, the price of the token has skyrocketed, even up to a hundred times. So how could we determine the potential of a DeFi?

Currently, DeFi is being applied to key areas such as: Stablecoins (DAI, DAO), Borrowing and lending (Compound), Decentralized exchanges ( Uniswap), Derivatives (Synthetix), Fund management (SET), Lottery (PoolTogether), Insurance (Nexus Mutual), billing (Sablier) …

In particular, the DeFi belongs to the field of exchange and loans that are booming. The fact that these DeFi coins are rapidly increasing in price will benefit the market and professional traders, but the problem that arises now is that due to the trend of making easy money – There are too many SCAM projects labeled DeFi to list. Too many of them do not comply with the committed roadmap. In future, it will affect the market and investors.

So among the “DeFi labels”, what is GES? And should we invest in GES Token?

All projects that are listed are rated for their potential based on the products they are expected to develop as well as its development roadmap and potential shown on the whitepaper. Before 2020, there are many successful blockchain projects by anchoring their coins with reward gaming products, card games, casino games… Through games, the demand of tokens is huge, so it burns quickly and proves the value and the effectiveness of the project.

The trend of anchoring projects to games is gradually receding and DeFi is currently on the throne. DeFi has huge potential because with 1.7 billion citizens in the world currently unable to have a bank account, DeFi is a way for them to easily access financial services. Accessing DeFi Dapps only requires a person to have a mobile phone & internet access, as opposed to going through lengthy verification processes in bank. DeFi helps those in need of financial services such as loans, those who need fast, low-cost payments, who need to quickly swap their crypto resources for other currencies. , those who wish to benefit from derivative services …

GES Token issuance also follows the advantages of the DeFi trend. Analyzing the whitepaper, we see that GESGROUP is focusing on the following areas: P2P Lending, Paygate (Payment System), E-commerce and DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

It can be seen that the quite interesting point that GES commits to deploy is the P2P Lending service, Kevin Tiep – Founder of GESGROUP CORP. said that there is a Fintech company in Vietnam signed to apply GES’s DeFi blockchain technology for peer-to-peer lending services. With this technology, the company providing the loan service will not hold the investor’s or customers’ money, the loan investments and borrowers, and the interest rate will be determined by the AI. They will be auto matched by the conditions in system. The service company will only receive a small fee for maintaining the system and authenticating the User.

But what is the different from other lending models in the world. The advantage relatively “unbelievable” of this system is that the peer-to-peer lending applies DeFi but will not have collateralized digital assets, small consumer loans are entirely based on KYC of Customers are committed to confidentiality by the Fintech company.

Currently, according to Coingecko, the current DeFi models are not completely decentralized. Most of them has one or more of these characteristics but not all: Non-custodial, decentralized price feeds, permissionless initiation of margin calls, permissionless margin liquidity, decentralized interest rate determination, decentralized platform development. The current DeFi protocols are not completely decentralized, but rather a hybrid model (Semi or Hybrid DeFi). The GES Paygate system is also a hybrid system that is an intermediary and a swapped (interchangeable) payment module between Tokens and Fiat.

Fintech companies using GES Paygate can flexibly swap between asset types like tokens and Fiat… P2P Lending borrowers and lenders can also choose loans by token. In October, GESGROUP will also launch an e-commerce platform called Intime that uses its paygate system. This is the E-commerce that uses both token and Fiat. User can use tokens to buy consumer products.

Using tokens to buy goods is complicated, but with the numerous intermediary payment system and conversion models, this is entirely possible. And in GES Ecosystem, the adoption of P2P Lending in e-commerce is feasible.

GESGROUP’s CTO Tony Yu said, at first they wanted to use the Permissioned Blockchain to be able to have certain customizations and highly customizable. But then because to ensure the transparency, GESGROUP had to change and completely use the Permissionless Blockchain. This process took them more than 6 months to complete the paygate and introduce it to their partners…

According to CEO Kevin, GESGROUP is also aiming to adopt blockchain technology and DeFi trends in the field of energy management and is currently focusing on the Southeast Asian market (now, there are a number of energy companies using blockchain technology for management in Europe but with higher cost). Next, GESGROUP will transform Gexchange into a decentralized exchange (DEX) to take full advantage of what GES has deployed to its ecosystem. In particular, the GES Token acts as an intermediary between the GES ecosystem and other ecosystems, thereby bringing added value to all products.

With the IEO plan at the end of August 2020, and the listing on Uniswap, Bestswap and P2PB2B in September, the roadmap and products that GESGROUP set out in its whitepaper can quickly be verified. Because if according to the timeline they set, the company P2P Lending using DeFi technology will officially launch in the third quarter of 2020. Paygate and e-commerce platform will also be tested and released to the market later this year. It is not yet clear whether GES will be successful, but follow their ambitions, we will maybe see a cryptocurrency bank (Crypto Bank) born.

Currently, according to the development trend of the digital economy, many types of cryptocurrencies have emerged. In past, it was the cryptocurrency that was anchored by game-redemption, now it is the DeFi trend, and in the near future it will probably belong to e-commerce. If the crypto market and the consumer trend of cryptocurrencies are irreversible then quickly we will be paid for our daily cup of coffee with a token.

Token details

Name: GES

Official Website: https://gesglobal.io/

Token Protocol: ERC20

Total Supply: 500,000,000 GES

Token Sale IEO: 5,000,000 GES (1%)

The circulating supply for the first 2 years will be: 30,000,000 GES (6%)

The remaining tokens will be locked for 2 years and unlocked over the next 5 years after listing.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Ges Global
Contact Person: Tony Yu
Email: Send Email
Country: Philippines
Website Url: https://gesglobal.io/

Source : https://kjnewswire.com/6564/evaluation-potential-ges-token-new-defi-could-make-splash

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