FXBTG Officially Launched Digital Currency CFD Trading

By | July 14, 2020

On July 1, 2020, FXBTG Financial Group launched digital currency Contract for Difference(CFD) trading.

The old broker as the guarantor guarantees the security and reliability of the transaction, saves the transaction time and transaction cost; at the same time, it can also provide more trading methods, making the digital currency investment have a larger scale and diversity, changing in the past, a single investment model that can only generate wealth creation opportunities when the market is positive and can also obtain considerable investment income when the market enters the adjustment stage.

FXBTG Financial Asia Pacific Market Director Tony Lee said: “ The group is very optimistic about the digital currency CFD business, especially in Japan, South Korea, and the China market. It is expected that revenue will increase substantially in the third quarter of this year. In recent years, digital currency transactions have grown rapidly globally. The launch of digital currency will increase the number of new customer groups. As a veteran broker with a certain group of foreign exchange and precious metals, energy traders will also try digital CFD trading.

FXBTG (https://www.fxbtg.nz/) is registered with the National Futures Association(NFA), and Financial Service Authority(FSA) and authorized Contract for Difference(CFD) holders, committed to using big data and other technologies to enable foreign exchange trading services, so that participants in the global foreign exchange market can obtain a more transparent, efficient and convenient trading experience.


FXBTG Financial Group provides online trading of global financial markets including: foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock index, etc. It advocates making good use of the power of technology to provide customer with a trading platform that can trade global financial assets, and adopts transparent real-time pricing, minimum spreads and highly flexible trading leverage for customers can directly trade in global financial markets. FXBTG has always been committed to providing investment with safer capital guarantee and quality services through technology.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Fxbtg Financial Limited
Contact Person: Jacky Lee
Email: Send Email
Phone No: +603 2603 2233
Address: 70 East Beaver Creek Road Unit 30
Country: Canada
Website Url: https://www.fxbtg.nz/

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