DORNE Fund Management Agency In Singapore: “Blockchain Technology + Tourism” Will Subvert Traditional Tourism

By | October 30, 2019

In October, a major event occurred in the tourism peak. The announcement of “future strategic layout of CTC global culture and tourism chain” by Singapore DORNE fund management agency in New York, US, will subvert the traditional tourism industry.

The press conference was held in New York, USA, which attracted great attention from the global tourism business community and the global blockchain community, and attracted people from all walks of life to attend. Jason James, CEO of DORNE fund management agency, CTC global culture and tourism chain, and Albert, President of CTC global culture and tourism chain operation, delivered weight speeches.

Jason James, speaking on behalf of dominion fund management agency in Singapore, said: CTC will provide all-round solutions for the world’s cultural tourism industry through the block chain core underlying technology, so as to build a set of ecological chain belonging to cultural tourism, and promote the development of global tourism, scenic spots, hotels and other industries and contract consensus. CTC will build the world’s first exchange serving the culture and tourism industry to provide all-round exchange services for all scenic spots under the CTC public chain. In the future, you only need to have CTC to travel all over the world.

It is understood that blockchain technology does not rely on additional third-party management agencies or hardware facilities, and there is no central control. In addition to the self-contained blockchain itself, through distributed accounting and storage, each node realizes information self-verification, transmission and management. Decentralization is the most prominent and essential feature of blockchain.

Albert, President of CTC global culture and tourism business chain operation, deeply analyzed the problems and solutions of traditional tourism industry. Traditional tourism industry exists:

1. Travel agencies have fraud

2. The tour guide process is not responsible

3. The market supervision of tourism related parts is not strict

4. Poor service and low integrity

The most important thing is the backward mechanism and chaotic order.

As a new technology, blockchain can effectively solve the problem of trust between people, using its distributed storage, decentralization, data can not be tampered and other characteristics, and combining with the tourism industry to solve the industry pain. CTC technicians have begun to actively explore the combination of blockchain technology and tourism industry. It can solve the problems of transaction efficiency, business trust, industry supervision, circulation notarization and so on. The global tourism industry will enter another peak.

In an interview with a New York reporter, Jason James also said: blockchain technology allows us to link the world. We plan to complete the strategic deployment plan of 15 countries in the world within three years, become the main public chain of blockchain technology in the cultural tourism industry within three years, and become the mainstream blockchain currency within five years. CTC will set up global culture and tourism operation centers in Singapore, New York, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Thailand, Japan and other countries, and the global operation headquarters are Binhai Bay Financial Center in Singapore. Thirty six global blockchain summit will be held to create a dream of traveling around the world with CTC.

About DORNE fund management organization in Singapore:

It is an international well-known blockchain operation organization with full license of blockchain finance. The company is headquartered in: Binhai Bay Financial Center, Singapore. It has a professional blockchain technology R & D team, digital currency ICO team, market value management team, hedge fund trading team and global operation team of landing application. Its business is located in Singapore, Thailand, New York, Japan, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, mainland China, etc.

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