“I am a Leader: A 90-Day Leadership Journal for Kids” Debuts as the #1 New Release on Amazon

By | July 24, 2019

Parents can support leadership growth in their children with the “I am a Leader: A 90-Day Leadership Journal for Kids that launched July 19, 2019, as the #1 New Release

N ew Orleans, LA – July 22, 2019 – American author, Peter J. Liang launched his new book, “I am A Leader: A 90-Day Leadership Journal for Kids,” on July 19, 2019, and it quickly topped the Amazon charts as the #1 New Release. Liang told editor and publisher Dr. Melissa Caudle from Absolute Author Publishing House that he is not only thrilled but also humbled by the support.” Caudle said, “I’m not surprised. The book is that good. I can speak from a personal perspective since I have worked through it with four of my grandchildren who range from the ages of eight to twelve.” According to Liang, the book helps a child to develop leadership skills and taps into various skills that a child can use in challenging situations.


The Ledership4kids  program is an exciting, fun, action-packed program designed to help children gain specific skills so that they can apply them in a school setting and other demanding leadership situations.

The I AM LEADER journal came straight out of the daily assignments from Peter’s Leadership4kids program. After seeing countless examples of how a simple daily journal can help kids gain skills such as self-awareness, confidence, and grit, Peter decided to publish it so more children could benefit from the daily practice of journaling. The book is now available on Amazon.



Exactly what I have been looking for, a simple journal to help my son (10-year-old) reflect on his day. The writing prompts change daily, and they cover a wide range of topics. My son’s favorite week is courage. Jessica D.

This journal is wonderful way for kids to learn about leadership skills. Kids need this, and parents do too. I bought it for my nephew who is nine years old, but I can see this could be good for older kids as well. David K.

My eight-year-old daughter loves this journal. It has become part of our nightly routine now. Louise C.

I LOVE this journal. Very easy to get started, and we are already on day twelve. My daughter seems to really enjoy the centering exercise too. Catherine L.


P eter J. Liang is the founder and CEO of Leadership4kids.com, a leadership development organization committed to helping kids become better leaders through mind and body education to improve movement patterns, self-confidence, and presence. 

For nearly ten years, Peter has used his experience gained as a business and tech executive, and a board member for various organizations to help kids develop leadership qualities such as gratitude, courage, and grit so they can live a more fulfilled life. Embodiment practice, Peter has also been trained in Being in Movement mind/body education, stress reduction, compassionate power, and peacemaking.


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