Monthly Archives: June 2022

DeBelle Celebrates Womanhood With Their Latest Collection

DeBelle is one of the leading brands in the nail polish & nail care segment. This made in India brand recently launched an all new nail lacquer collection called ‘Mademoiselle Mauve’ this season. The collection is An Ode to Womanhood in all hues of delicate yet bold mauve shades, making it ideal for the independent… Read More »

4th of July sale is coming to RX safety – here is what to expect

06/24/2022 – Middlesex, NJ: With RX Safety’s annual fourth of July sale event, you no longer have to wait for great deals for the summer and moment’s ahead. That’s right–discounted, quality frames can be available to you.  Throughout history individuals have celebrated the fourth of July as a day of independence for America. Initially under… Read More »

A Chinese Gift to Singapore,JIN DA FU Tea Debuts at Fortune Centre

On June 24, 2022 Beijing time, “Peacock Shu Tuo” (Shu Pu’er tea), the oriental tea gift from the Chinese brand JIN DA FU Tea, debuts at Fortune Centre in Singapore, the “Oriental Crossroads” where the Chinese Pu’er tea brand presents its fabulous charm and demonstrates its brand strength to the world. As a Chinese high-end… Read More »

P2E.Game,the one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform,has launched the section of Game Library

Recently, P2E.Game, the one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform, has announced its airdrops plan and released version 2.0 of the Game library. Through intelligent algorithms, the Game library boasts more than 95% of GameFi projects in the field of encryption and their key data. P2E.Game also applies composite algorithm to select high-quality game projects and… Read More »

The New Collection of Foam Positioners Has Just Arrived at Attenutech

06/24/2022 – Lutz, Florida: At Attenutech, we strive to have excellent supplies for medical professionals across all specific segments. Therefore, we work hard to constantly expand our range of items. They assist our customers to properly care for their patients. These supplies help with all aspects of patient care. This ranges from appointments, to therapy,… Read More »

Devel BITCOIN LEGEND (BCL) leveled up with Lockup&Staking and Network migration

Introducing BITCOIN LEGEND Today’s world is in the fourth industrial revolution, and there is no doubt that blockchain technology will play an important role in it. Created to realize people’s ideals, BITCOIN LEGEND (BCL) aims to become a platform that builds a decentralized application ecosystem using blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and metaverse systems in the field… Read More »