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Research Into New Trend Of Online Dating In US

Hongkong, Aug 13, 2019 — Online dating becomes the trend with the development of internet. There is a statistic that about 45% of American people find their partners through internet. Even more, some of them are willing to develop their romance with the one from other side of the Earth.   When talking about online… Read More »

LEBEN’s Intelligent Medical Technology, a Perfect Combination of AI and Medical Technologies

Hongkong, Aug 13, 2019 – (Asia Presswire) – In the current medical context, shortage of film reading doctors and inefficient film reading are commonly seen problems. Meanwhile, quality medical resources are mainly provided in large cities while medical resources are relatively in short in small cities or remote areas. Intelligence computing designed for medical imaging… Read More »

BMAX MaxBook Y11, A Strong Competitor of Apple MacBook

This is an era where more and more attention is paid to the aesthetic and practical use of electronic products. The development path of mobile phones is a testimony. Laptops are another product that everyone needs, so what kind of laptop does a consumer need? Consumers open a shopping site such as Amazon or Taobao… Read More »

NC. FSAC: Great Advances of Technology in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Fertility is a precious gift that God given to mankind. However, with more and more women invest their time in career development, infertility became an inevitable circumstances. NC. FSAC, using life science and technology, is committed to help those in needs maximizing their potential for reproduction. Recently, the FSAC of NC Group has announced that… Read More »

Enteral Horse Ode: Horse Dance Show From The Grasslands Conquers The Audience From All Over The World

Recently, the resident performance panoramic horse dance show Eternal Horse Ode performed in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China, has conquered audiences from the world with its moving stories, exquisite performance arts and techniques of performers and horses, and stunning immersive lighting effects.   Mongolian horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Special… Read More »

Germany Kent Becomes First Black Woman To Win Sigma Delta Chi for Independent Online Deadline Reporting

The multimedia journalist was one of 77 honorees chosen this year from more than 1,300 submissions LOS ANGELES – Germany Kent has won a prestigious national media award from the Society of Professional Journalists in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in professional journalism. Kent, a notable producer and multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles became the… Read More »